Dan Meloy
Dan Meloy

Founder, QRT National

Daniel Meloy has over 28 years of experience in law enforcement, public safety, and government innovation and decision-making, with over 13 years of experience as a Command-level leader.

Dan Meloy is a proven leader who has viewed and battled the opioid epidemic in multiple roles – from a beat cop and police chief on the front lines to his service as an appointed community administrator and now as a consultant and advocate for effective solutions. As an originator of the quick response team (QRT) model, Dan uniquely understands what works to engage individuals and their families, the right care coordination, data and technology to facilitate recovery, and the importance of visionary leadership.

  • First Colerain Township employee to begin a career as a police officer and be promoted to Chief of Police
  • First Colerain Township Director of Public Safety
  • First Township employee to be promoted through the ranks and attain the position of Township Administrator, CEO
  • Innovator of locally and nationally recognized opiate/heroin response model