Ohio Deflection Association delivers support around public safety for the health and wellbeing of those struggling with substance use and mental health disorder(s), through the development of deflection and pre-arrest diversion strategies, support tools, and facilitating the education of community partners providing outreach services. Focusing on real life challenges with real time solutions by providing communities with education, guidance, and resources.
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Ohio Deflection Association: Provides a supportive community with a unique collaboration of teams conferencing, convening, and consulting with one another to provide prevention, education and awareness to those with substance use and mental health disorder(s), as well as their families.

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  • Task Force Teams
  • Law Enforcement/Fire & EMS/First Responders
  • Peer Support/Behavioral Health
  • Coalition Building, Public Policy & Program Management
  • Data, Technology & Innovation
  • Harm Reduction & Pubic Health Strategies