Dennis Lowe, Commander 
Dennis Lowe, Commander 

Fairfield - Athens Major Crimes Unit 
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Dennis Lowe is the Commander of the Fairfield-Athens Major Crimes Unit, a multijurisdictional Law Enforcement Task Force which serves the citizens of Fairfield County, Athens County the City of Logan, and the City of Circleville.    


Commander Lowe has been a Police Officer since 1984 and has spent the past thirty-two years in the specialized field of narcotics enforcement.  Prior to joining the Major Crimes Unit Commander Lowe spent eighteen years with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigation, where he became a nationally recognized expert in the clandestine manufacture of drugs. 


Throughout his career Commander Lowe has worked tirelessly to make communities across the state of Ohio safer and bring a progressive approach to stemming the flow of illegal drugs into the jurisdictions he has served.  Most recently Dennis created Project FORT in Fairfield County, a unique outreach program which operates alongside the enforcement side of the Major Crimes Unit and is designed to connect those suffering from the substance use disorders with available treatment and recovery options outside of the criminal justice system.  This unique program is designed to be part of a holistic approach to drug related issues impacting our communities.  Commander Lowe is the Past President of the Ohio Narcotic Officers Association, the current President of the Ohio Task Force Commanders Association, The Ohio delegate for the National Narcotic Officers Association, a member of the Ohio Department of Public Safety Drug Enforcement Strategy Committee, an executive board member of the Fairfield County Opiate Task Force, and a member of the Lancaster Recovery Center Board of Directors.